Become a Business Partner or Mentor.

Do you provide services to support startup or growing micro-businesses or do you have skills in business that you want pass onto budding entrepreneurs through our mentorship programme?

Every startup or growing micro-business needs a good network of professional services to call upon. Innov8 On Sheppey is building a strong network of businesses and business professionals to offer support services to startups and local businesses on the Island. We are great advocates of ‘Local-first’ and so encourage service providers from Sheppey and Swale to enquire about signing up to the Partner Programme.

As a Innov8 On Sheppey Partner you will be required to work closely with us to help make the businesses we are supporting a success.

As a Mentor you will tell us how much time you can make available and the sort of areas that you would like to help with. A couple of hours each month goes along way to helping support entrepreneurs, at crucial stages of their development and so we are looking for business professionals, from all manner of disciplines, to come forward and offer to be a mentor. We particularly want to hear from established business owners, anyone in senior management roles and retired business people. We’d also like to hear from junior managers who would like to share their skills and who have experience in areas such as Marketing, Sales, Account Management, PR, HR, Communications, Operations, Distribution, Service, SEO, Social Networking, Manufacturing and Finance.

Is there a criteria for becoming a Partner? You either need to be based on Sheppey or, if you provide a product or service not available on the Island, then preferably in Swale. This is because we want to encourage local businesses to support other local businesses. You also need to be able to demonstrate that you can provide a quality product or service at a reasonable price and that you have the capacity to be able to deliver on time and to budget.

If I provide a service to one of the businesses you support, do I invoice you or the business? It depends on the working arrangement we have with the business in question. We will however want to take an introducer commission and will agree this with you before becoming a Partner. The reason for this is because we have to ensure that we become a self-sustainable business entity in our own right. To see how we utilise the revenues we earn check out this link.

As a mentor will I get paid for the support I give? No, the mentoring programme is not designed to be a revenue generating opportunity for mentors. If a business chooses to strike up a more formal relationship, perhaps as a non-exec director, then that is up to them. If it appeals, you will have an opportunity to gain an accredited mentoring award through the SFEDI Awards programme and we’ll provide references for the support that you provide.

Can you help? If so we want to here from you so please call Andrew on 07718 478357 or fill out the form below.