New Co-Working Space

Co-working spaces are popping up all over the world, including here on Sheppey at the Innov8 On Sheppey centre.

They are ideal for freelancers, consultants and home office workers who would benefit from working alongside like-minded individuals, where the focus is on growing the worth of the community through collaboration and shared opportunities.

When people with complimenting skill sets, existing client lists and contacts, a drive to succeed and a willingness to share and collaborate come together, then great things can happen.

Here’s what people are saying about co-working spaces:

Genevieve DeGuzman from the Envato Studio, a community of handpicked designers said about co-working spaces, “Freelancers have long been drawn to coworking spaces because of the opportunities to network and work alongside others from different or complementary industries and creative fields, sharing the working space and resources. However, what sets coworking apart from mere shared office space is its focus on building community and collaboration.”


Jason Rohlf, an advocate of co-working spaces and person behind The Armoury Shared Workspace wrote, “But it’s the promise of innovation and community that makes coworking most appealing.  Behavioral studies have long shown that sharing and collaboration can   lead to instances of creativity and innovation in the workplace.

It only makes sense that organizations and small businesses find that they gain more from working together, rather than alone.

This type of collaborative working doesn’t mean you surrender your independence and lose your individuality, but instead share resources and space – and in the process find common ground with each other, lend expertise, and share ideas.”


Co-working Europe summed things up nicely, “The coworking concept, is not limited to the sharing of a facility.

It’s based on the emergence of a new type of interpersonal relationships and on the development of exchange communities, with people sharing values of openness, collaboration and readiness for change.

Nowadays, Co-working spaces are reflective of the emergence of new models and new expectations in the business world and in the society in general. The movement represents a wide variety of styles. It reaches out and is expanding to new audiences.

All over Europe, public institutions and companies are starting to consider Co-working as a source of inspiration in order to implement new working, innovation and collaboration approaches.

As of today, coworking spaces host thousands of entrepreneurs, independents and nomad workers already. They will soon host tens or hundreds of thousands them.”


If you work from home, why not make and appointment to come in and take a look around.