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FreeConsultation-Red-PencilInnov8 On Sheppey exists to help create an environment where innovative and entrepreneurial people can thrive. Ultimately it is about creating jobs through inspiring and supporting those who have the vision, ambition and determination to succeed in business.

The more businesses that we help startup or expand on Sheppey, means more jobs that we help to secure and more jobs means improved lifestyles and a more sustainable local economy.

With this in mind we are casting our nets far and wide across the Island to find as many people as we can, who either;

  • have a business idea they want to explore.
  • need help choosing the best business concept to startup.
  • are already in business but want to consider taking things to the next level.

We are therefore offering a range of free services to encourage as many people as possible to, at the very least, come and talk about their desire to startup on their own or expand their existing business.

I have a business idea!

Great! Let’s walk through it then. We’ll start with an initial hour long free consultation worth £70. Here we will look at the merits of your idea and if the idea has legs, then we’ll help take you through to the next stage.

The next stage involves up 3-4 hours of free support, worth up to £350. Here we will support researching your idea, review your business plan (if you have one), validate the funding requirements and, if funding is required, help determine the best route to take. Rest assured that we do all this in total confidence and if necessary we can sign a non-disclosure agreement to give you peace of mind that you business idea remains confidential.

In some instances we may ask you to take a panel of local business people through your idea. This will normally be where the funding requirements may be significantly high or the business model is quite complex. These business people, who volunteer their time freely, will help you to explore the merits of your idea. If they are impressed by your idea then we will work with you to develop a Pre-startup Plan to take you through the process of funding and starting up your business.

The support that we give helping develop your Pre-startup Plan is free of charge if either:

  • we help you apply for funding (whether successful or not).
  • you rent a workstation in the business startup centre.
  • you join the Entrepreneur Club and purchase a Startup Booster Pack.
  • you book to take one of the business courses that we run.

Failing that we will agree a sensible price to help develop your Pre-startup Plan.

I want to start my own business but need help choosing the right business model!

Well you’re part way there! If you do have the drive, determination and ambition to succeed but haven’t yet latched onto the winning idea, then come and talk to us still. We’ll book you a free half hour coaching session worth £35, where we’ll find out what interests you have, we’ll give you an insight into the skills required to succeed in a new business venture and we’ll also give you some valuable tips on how to explore potential business ideas. Who knows, we may just hit on a possible business concept for you to research further or connect you with other people looking for a business partner to help them achieve their goals.

I’m already in business but I want to generate more revenue or improve my profits and grow the business!

You’ve almost certainly done most of the hard work already but often existing business owners need an unbiased sounding board to test their plans. It may be that it is quite a big step needing an injection of cash or specialised skills to deliver or it might be that you are just so busy doing the day job that you just can’t find the time to give your plan the consideration it needs. Either way we’ll book a free half hour consultation, worth £35, where we’ll want to find out as much as possible about your business and so gauge how best to support you.

Whichever category you fall into, don’t hesitate to get in touch by completing the form below: