Fully Serviced Office Space


A unique working environment, like no other!

We have been beavering away refurbishing 4000 sq ft of unused space in the Restoration Youth building in Trinity Road.

Space is available on a flexible basis with no commitment, so please feel free to drop in to see the facility first hand.

A number of workstations can be rented out on a half daily or full daily basis, other workstations will be rented out to startups on a longer, easy in, easy out basis.

Restoration Youth have dedicated the entire building to the wellbeing of the Island’s youth and with nearly 40% of the Islands 16-24 year olds unemployed, we felt strongly that we needed to create a space for them to help break the unemployment trap.

Therefore office space is predominantly being dedicated to the 16-24 years olds who sign up to the Sheppey Kickstart Programme.

Support and resources will be available for 25+’s who sign up to the Outreach 25+ Programme so contact us for details on how we can help with workspace.

See the table below for a full list of prices.

Half Day
Internet access
Access to all support services
Payable at time of booking
Use of PC
Full Day
Internet access
Access to all support services
Payable at time of booking
Use of PC
Weekly Rent
Internet access
Access to all support services
Paid Monthly in Advance
PC Rental Option
No min. rental period
Luxury office chair
Phone number*
Internet included
Colour laser printing**
No deposit

Printing services are available to those renting for half or full days, prices available on request.

*   Cost of phone calls are not included.

** There is a fair usage policy in place for use of the centres printers. Large print runs will attract a small fee per print.

If you’d like to see how we put the revenues generated from this service to good use in the community, please check out this link.