Start Your Own Business!

Innov8 On Sheppey has established 3 programmes to help develop new business startups and support existing micro-businesses that wish to grow locally.

The Sheppey Kickstart Programme

The Sheppey Kickstart Programme is designed to help 16-24 year olds start their own businesses. With unemployment in this age range approaching 40% we felt strongly about creating a dedicated workspace for this group. If you fall into this group and you have a business idea or if you would like to join like-minded people in order to evaluate concepts and come up with business ideas that you can push forward, then click the Sheppey Kickstart Programme link to find out more.

The Outreach 25+ Programme

We are designing a special programme for those that are 25 or older because we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach would limit potential. The older we become the more developed our thoughts are and the more experiences we have to call upon. If you fall into this category you probably need a little less close support but a lot of pointers and tips to help take the right path. You can find out more about the Outreach 25+ Programme by clicking here.

Micro-business Growth Programme

Last but not least we have the Micro-businesses Growth Programme. Aimed at existing businesses, with less than 10 employees, we work with you to determine what support you need to grow your business and then partner with you to deliver a tailored support package. Find out how we help here by clicking the Micro-business Growth Programme link. For more details on any of the above programmes call Andrew on 07718 478357 or fill out the form below: