Micro-business Growth Programme

There are over 800 micro-businesses on the Island, many of which have growth potential but don’t have the capacity or resources to take that next step. This is where Innov8 On Sheppey steps in.

Our Micro-business Growth Programme caters for business with less than 10 employees, who have potential to grow but need support in making that happen. The approach we take will vary and be tailored from business to business dependant upon their needs. It may be that you just need someone to market and sell your product or service, leaving you to focus on the producing your product or delivering your service. You may need help structuring your business and putting in systems, software or processes that will help give you the capacity to grow. It may be that you need to recruit and train people to help manage the growth but you don’t have the time to devote to getting the people onboard and up to speed. You may even need funding or help forming partnerships to implement your master plan.

Whatever you need we are here for you to bounce your ideas off, evaluate what type of support you need and help put in place a plan and support programme to deliver the growth you desire.

I don’t need telling what to do! We understand that existing business owners have already been through the mill and will almost certainly have a good grasp of their sector. Unless you ask for specific advice on your sector we’ll work on the basis that you don’t need any help there. Instead we will focus on the areas where you do need help and where we can add value.

Do consultants really add any value? We’re sure they do, otherwise there wouldn’t be such a massive worldwide market in consultancy but we don’t see ourselves as consultants because we aren’t. Those involved have experience in business in various disciplines, are experienced mentors and business partners and have been around the block a few times. We see ourselves more as partners because Innov8 On Sheppey’s objective is to help encourage enterprise and create jobs on the Island. In order to achieve this we need more new businesses to startup and more of our existing businesses to grow.

Can I talk to you in confidence? You can rest assured that your business secrets and intellectual property are safe with us. We have standard Non-disclosure Agreements that we can issue and sign to give you peace of mind.

To find out more call Andrew on 07718 478357 or fill out the form below