Entrepreneurs Club

001_introThe Entrepreneurs Club is designed to bring the Island’s talented individuals together to create a super network of positive minded, determined and ambitious individuals.

Put enough like-minded budding entrepreneurs together in a room and before long you’ll have a business startup on your hands.

Here at Innov8 On Sheppey we’ll be encouraging groups of people to get their thinking caps on, explore gaps in the market, look at opportunities that can be exploited, research  market opportunity and test business models.

Startup events will be hosted, where we invite you to work on your ideas and competitions will be run and prizes awarded to the winning teams.

You will be able to take advantage of the centres facilities to research your business ideas and meet others to work on your concepts.

You’ll be updated on the latest news in the world of business startups, to keep you abreast of the latest trends and market opportunities.

There will also be an opportunity to network with other groups around Kent and the Southeast.

You’ll receive tickets to shows and we’ll plug you into major startup events around the UK.

We’re also going to be building a network of mentors that members of the Entrepreneurs Club will be able to access.

Membership is just £2.50 per week, payable monthly in advance. All members will receive a £50 money off voucher redeemable against the business training courses that Innov8 On Sheppey will be running.

If you’d like to see how we put the revenues generated from this service to good use in the community, please check out this link.