Sheppey Kickstart Programme (16-24 Year Olds)

If you fall into this group and you have a business idea you’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t have a business idea but you have a desire to be successful in business then you can come and join like-minded people, evaluate concepts, look for gaps in the market and come up with ideas that you can push forward.

With growing unemployment amongst young people it is no surprise that more and more 16-24 year olds are striking out in business on their own and many more are thinking about it. One of the great things about working with young entrepreneurs is that they often have no fear; channelled correctly and with a little bit of coaching and support, they can really push the boundaries.

But don’t I need experience in my chosen field before I consider setting up my own business? Not necessarily, it depends on what it is you want to do. You may already have the knowledge and be passionate about something that you can generate income from, assuming you have the right business model. If there are gaps in your knowledge then there are ways that you can fill these to become more of an expert in your chosen field. So if that’s a barrier then don’t let that put you off exploring starting your own business.

Should I wait until I have gained work experience in someone else’s business before I start my own? It depends on the type of experience that you are looking for. To start your own business you need to know how to go about setting up, marketing and then selling your products or service. If you work for someone else you are unlikely to learn how to startup a business because they will be up and running and unless you are employed in a marketing or sales role, you might only pick up limited experience in these two fields. Many young entrepreneurs have never worked for anyone else and they have found that as long as they have a good support structure around them, they learn far more, in a shorter space of time.

The bottom-line is that if you have the drive, ambition and determination to succeed then, as long as you have a good mentor and a solid support structure, you can take a viable business model from concept to reality in a relatively short space of time and, with 12-18 months hard work, create a sustainable business with reasonable revenues and sound foundations to build upon. Innov8 On Sheppey exists to help guide you through that process and help you grow as a business person, as you take your first steps on what can be a very rewarding journey.

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